For more than twenty-five years Kurt and Sylvia Kubik, together with their team, have challenged themselves to reach the highest level of craftsmanship. Kubik realizes their clear forms and colors in a timeless, modern collection.


Dramatic jewelry made from high-polished platinum and matte-textured 18 karat gold are wrought exclusively in the Kubik studio.


Seldom are such characteristically different metals so sensitively combined. The purposeful placement of gemstones highlights the jewelry and makes it unmistakably Kubik.


Technical refinements like the special stone settings flow perfectly into the hand-wrought designs. Kubik was one of the first manufacturers to perfect the tension setting.

Inspired by all of the senses, Kubik's manufacturing philosophy combines forms, materials, and colors to offer the wearer the maximum of aesthetic individuality.


The watches radiate a timeless appeal of hand-craftsmanship. Smooth - raw - full of gold - white silver - cool platinum: it is through the use of such materials and textures that Kubik expresses its art.


Watch bands of the finest leather, manufactured especially for the collection, complete the character of these hand-made watches.


Even the architecture of the new studios in Englerstrasse carries the unmistakable KUBIK signature, and completes the creative works of Kurt Kubik.